Adam Luptak


MINI Carfun Calculator

July 2008
The MINI Carfun Calculator was a Flash microsite aimed at determining your car's “carfun footprint” - a combination of how environmentally friendly your car is and how much fun it is to drive. In addition to living on the microsite, the entire experience was also continued into a progressively loaded banner ad.
As part of a team at


  • Design - 3D Modeling

    Responsible for modeling the form of the calculator, which while primarily presented straight-on (to mirror the shape of the MINI logo) would also need to be elegantly shaped throughout, to be seen during the rotation and appear like a physical object that could be held.

  • Motion - 3D Animation

    Responsible for the 3D animation of the device, as it spun, expanded its wings, and swiveled and locked its display screen.

  • Development - AS2

    Assisted with the final touches of development, particularly tying together the UI following the results presentation.