Adam Luptak


November 2012
Snowbird, a world-class ski resort 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, hadn't had a new website in a decade. Their new website would be clean and modern, with optimized versions for desktop, tablets, and smartphones.


To create a flexible but powerful event system, we built a Django models allowing for single day events, continuous multi-day events, or events that repeat weekly or monthly. It was then necessary to build views for getting events that occur within date ranges, as well as getting specific dates on which an event occurs.


To maintain maximum flexibility in displaying restaurant hours while giving the client granular controls, we created a system for entering open hours which are comprehended into the simplest possible groupings.


To create the 'mountain' nav hover effect for the desktop site, we crafted a canvas element that used Perlin noise, basic trig, and a custom tweener that created a dynamic, procedurally generated mountain scape that reacts to mouse hovers.

As part of a team at


  • Development - Django

    Built Django backend as part of a two-man development team. Varied responsibilities, including integration of platform detection, model and view definitions, and flexible but powerful event and dining location hour systems.

  • Development - Front End

    Built HTML/CSS/Javascript front-end as part of a two-man development team. Varied responsibilities, including (but not limited to) desktop Ajax page loading scheme, canvas animations, and filtering systems.